Baltmotors Jam 100

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Baltmotors Jam 100 ATV with a 100 cc Taiwanese and a power of 7.9 hp — a universal means of entertainment for both children and adults. Even a child can easily control this ATV. If you are afraid to let him go alone, sit in the back and travel together. The largest in the class, easy to operate, unpretentious in maintenance and durable — the Jam 100 will be the best choice for a beginner ATV rider.
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Technical specifications

Number of clock cycles 2
Engine capacity 95.6 cubic cm
Power 7.9 L.S.
Torque 8.5 Nm at 4500 rpm.
Compression ratio 5.8:1
Intake Carburetor
Cooling Air
Launch system Electric
Transmission Variator
Drive 2x4
Transmission F / N / R
Dimensions and weight
Length 1690 mm
Width 970 mm
Height 1040 mm
Wheelbase 1100 mm
Ground clearance 220 mm
Dry mass 144 kg
Chassis and brakes
Front suspension Independent, with two spring-hydraulic shock absorbers
Front suspension stroke N/A
Rear suspension Dependent, pendulum type with one spring-hydraulic shock absorber
Rear suspension stroke N/A
Front brake Disk
Rear brake Disk
Front/rear tires AT21 × 7-10 / AT21 × 11-10
Operational characteristics
Maximum speed 65 km/h
Fuel tank capacity 5.6 l
Maximum load on the front trunk N/A
Maximum load on the rear trunk N/A
Power steering N/A

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